Dean Johnston

Dean Johnston

Professor of Chemistry

Otterbein University

Inorganic Chemistry

As an inorganic chemist, my interests lie in exploring and understanding the diverse chemistry of the elements within the periodic table. Along this line, my primary teaching is in General Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. My research interests focus on the areas of synthetic inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry and crystallography. In recent years my students and I have focused on understanding the photochemistry of metal halide clusters. I also have developed several instructional web sites including an extensive web site for teaching concepts of point group symmetry.

  • Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry
  • Small-Molecule Crystallography
  • Scientific Visualization and Education
  • PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, 1993

    Northwestern University

  • BA in Chemistry, 1988

    The College of Wooster


My teaching responsibilities are in the areas of General and Inorganic Chemistry and range from first-year courses to advanced upper-level coursework.

  • CHEM 1400 - General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 1500 - General Chemistry II
  • CHEM 2030 - Coding for Chemistry
  • CHEM 3200 - Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHEM 3210 - Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 4030 - Introduction to Cheminformatics
  • CHEM 4100 - Structural Methods in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Recent Publications

Molecular p-Doping in Thiophene Diketopyrrolopyrrole Thin Films through Formation of a Charge Transfer Complex. J. Phys. Chem. C., 2023, 127, 18694-18705.
Revealing intermolecular coupling effects on vibrational spectra with infrared-reflectance absorbance analysis of perylene diimide thin films. Vibrational Spectroscopy, 2023, 126, 103534.
Crystalline Phase Transitions and Water-Soluble Complexes of Copper(I) 2-Hydroxyethanethiolate. Polyhedron, 2022, 222, 115873.
Structural and Conformational Analysis of 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Nitrate. J. Chem. Crystallogr., 2021.
Bis(2,4-dioxopentan-3-ido-κ2O,O′) dioxidomolybdenum(VI): a redetermination. IUCrData, 2021, 6, x210778.