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These materials could not have been developed without the assistance of numerous individuals and organizations.

  • The National Science Foundation (DUE #0536710)
  • Otterbein University, Department of Chemistry
  • The Jmol users/developers mailing list, especially Bob Hanson (St Olaf) and Angel Herráez (University of Alcalá)
  • Eric Voss (SIU Edwardsville), Barbara Reisner (James Madison University), Casey Raymond (SUNY Oswego), Steve Koch (SUNY Stony Brook), Mohammad Omary (University of North Texas), and Michael Norton and Michael Castellani (Marshall University)

Other resources that were utilized in the development of these materials include:

  • Miessler, G. L; Tarr, D. A. Inorganic Chemistry, 2nd ed., Prentice Hall:Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1999.
  • Bernal, I.; Hamilton, W. C.; Ricci, J. S. Symmetry: A Stereoscopic Guide for Chemists, W. H. Freeman: San Francisco, CA, 1977.
  • Cotton F. A. Chemical Applications of Group Theory; 3rd ed; Wiley: New York, 1990.
  • Pidcock, E.; Motherwell, W. D. S.; Cole, J. C. Acta Cryst., 2003, B59, 634-640. (CSDSymmetry - freely available from the CCDC)
  • Immel, S. Molecular Structures of Organic Compounds - Symmetry and Point Groups, (accessed 11/2008).