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Shirine Mafi's Home Page

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Contact Information

Welcome to my home page. Here's how you may contact me:



Snail mail:

Department of Business, Accounting, & Economics
Roush Hall, 406
Otterbein College
Westerville, OH 43081


(614) 823-1796


(614) 823-1014

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Mission statement

My mission statement has evolved as a result of many years of teaching experience as well as input from colleagues, practitioners and students. My personal mission statement regarding my role as a teacher is to excel on all aspects of my teaching and research. I see teaching and research complementary. Effective teaching demands one to stay abreast of the field of study by keeping current of the latest research in the field. On the other hand, effective research makes certain that the knowledge gained has practical implications both within and outside the academia.

My responsibility is first and foremost to my students. Teaching them systems perspective in all aspects of their lives is an ambitious yet critical aspect of my teaching philosophy. As a teacher and an advisor, I would like to:

  • foster critical thinking and problem solving from a multitude of perspectives.
  • help students learn how to learn on their own;
  • aid students in understanding how to use learning resources, especially the experience of others and how to become life-long learners;
  • assist them to define their professional goals; and
  • be a caring advisor and an effective mentor

My responsibility to the field of Operations and Human Resource Development is to:

  • be a contributor to the knowledge base of both disciplines;
  • be a catalyst in integrating the two together not only in theory but in practice as well;
  • teach to and learn from practitioners of both fields.

As a faculty member of the Department of Business/Acct/Economics at Otterbein college, I would like to:

  • be a contributor to the success of the Department in pursuit of AACSB;
  • be an effective team player;
  • be a productive member of the Department;
  • engage in research and scholarly discussions with interested colleagues; and
  • support faculty with their challenges and celebrate their victories.

As a member of the Otterbein community, I would like to:

  • be a contributor to the success of the College in support of its goals;
  • help as needed in a variety of roles;
  • make a difference in present and future plans of the College.

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Last Update: March 28, 2002