C SC 100 Exam 2 Study Guide
Winter 2010

The second exam is Wednesday, February 17. It will be closed-book, closed-notes. It is worth 75 points, or 15% of your course grade. You will have the entire class period to take the exam. The exam will be a combination of multiple choice, matching and short answer questions.

Note: I hand out two versions of the exam. They differ only in the order of questions. Classmates on your left and right will have the other version.


Things you should know, by category, in the order we covered them:

Ethical Issues (Technology In Focus between chapters 3 and 4)

Software Applications (chap 4)

Spreadsheet Application (chaps 9, 10, 11)

System Software (chap 5)

Assessing Hardware (chap 6)

Study hard and good luck!