Professor William V. Harper, PhD, PE


Fellow of the American Society for Quality

Mathematical Sciences, Otterbein University

1 S. Grove St, Westerville OH 43081-2006 USA

614-823-1417     FAX 614-823-3201
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Working at the Computer

Looking Eyes

Ecosse Geostatistical Sales
 - for the ultimate in geostatistics: Practical Geostatistics 2000, software, short courses, consulting

Getting to my office
Enter the main 1st floor hallway of Towers.
Enter door 107a or 107b and enter math department.
Go past department chair & administrative assistant office (on the left) to the door labeled Faculty Offices Upstairs.
Go to room 139.

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Thoughts on Confidence Levels for Pilot Studies

Exact Binomial Confidence Interval Excel VBA function zip file

Exact Poisson Ratio Confidence Interval using Excel VBA function (Reliability Review Sept 2007)

Poisson CI article and Excel 2003, 2007 zip file (Reliability Review Feb 2008)

Weibull MLE zip file (JSM Denver August 2008)

Weibull Confidence Interval software, paper (SSC Vancouver 2009)

Anderson-Darling Publication, Software, Software Documentation

ICOTS8 Geostatistical Visualization PowerPoint

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