SMH (Standard Model Higgs mass program)

SMH is a library of utilities for calculations involving the Higgs sector of the Standard Model. It implements the relation between the Higgs boson pole mass Mh and the dimensionless Higgs self-coupling lambda and the other Standard Model parameters, to full 2-loop order with leading 3-loop corrections. Either of Mh or lambda can be taken as an input, and the other is computed as an output. SMH also contains utilities for minimizing the scalar potential to determine the relation between the Higgs vacuum expectation value and Lagrangian mass squared parameter, and for renormalization group running of the Standard Model parameters. The code is written in C, and may be linked from C or C++. SMH is free software, released under the GPL.

The authors are Stephen P. Martin and David G. Robertson. The paper announcing SMH, and containing the calculations on which it is based, is available from the preprint archive as 1407.4336. Equation (2.48) in that paper refers to a set of coefficients which are not given explicitly there, but can be downloaded here as coefficients.txt.

The source code for the current version (v1.0, July 16, 2014) of the program can be downloaded here as a gzipped tar file: smh-1.0.tar.gz. This unpacks into a single directory, which contains the C source files and a README.txt file with complete instructions for building and using SMH. SMH requires the TSIL library of utilities for the numerical calculation of dimensionally regularized two-loop self-energy integrals.

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